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Nintendo may Release Two New Switch Models

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For a lot of tech companies, releasing updated versions of hardware products has remained a trend for many years now. We’ve seen gaming giants like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo give us several different versions of the same console, usually upgraded with a better set of specs and features. It should be no surprise that Nintendo’s latest gaming console – the Nintendo Switch – would be given the same treatment.

Despite denying rumors of a Switch variant or successor of sorts in the past few months, reports are now emerging that Nintendo may have two different hardware versions up its sleeve.

The first Switch upgrade will supposedly be a system targeted at core gamers and will have enhanced features for its intended market, but strangely enough, won’t be as powerful as the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X.

The second model will be more of a cheaper option of sorts for the casual gamer, somewhat akin to the Nintendo 3DS line, which was originally released in 2011. This one will have some features removed in order to cut costs.

It is rumored that Nintendo may unveil the two Switch models at this year’s E3 Convention, to be held in June.

As expected, this has raised tons of speculation on how the newer models will differ both in form and function compared to the original Switch, launched in 2017. The Switch continues to be a successful system, selling more than 30 million units worldwide, thanks to a versatile set-up and an impressive list of games.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Nintendo Switch.

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  • Wow! this is quite amazing seeing a upgrade in the Nintendo Switch. It is great. Despite denying rumors of a Switch variant or successor of sorts in the past few months, reports are now emerging that Nintendo may have two different hardware versions up its sleeve. But I still prefer PlayStation 4 Pro, if at all Nintendo may unveil the two Switch models at this year’s E3 Convention, to be held in June, they we gain more gamers eventually. This is a great notification!

  • Nowadays, technology has largely replaced the world. Thank you very much for sharing your decisive article. You reveal two very different upgrading think. It will help our new generation. Actually, it, s proudly spread huge of an advantage for us. we are grateful to update Nintendo and new switches motels and it’s contributing to our generation.

  • Hi Mike,
    Technology is becoming extremely developed. Every now and then many products have updated versions both in hardware and in software products. I am also game lover but not at the core level. I enjoy playing games on my android phone in between my work or before going to bed. And also sometimes when I feel very bored. 😊
    I think it is great news for all the game lovers or gamers about upgrading the Nintendo Two New Switch Models.
    Best of luck.

  • What a cheer brilliance! 

    The writer has given a wide scope of how gaming has evolved. What impressed me was the collection that were displayed, alongside renowned products. They can always gain prominence in the course of time.

    With Nintendo, one can look beyond the norm of the usual, break the vicious cycle; to exploring the diversification it stands to offer. 

  • Thanks for sharing this article. This article is really informative, brief and interesting. I am a lover of the Nintendo game. And it is interesting to know that Nintendo is coming with this two new switch models. I really can’t wait to get my hand this game console. It has always been fun playing Nintendo games. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  • Thanks for writing this update on Nintendo and two new switch models that may be release any time from now. I must commend you for taking your time to write this article. Nintendo has been my favorite game for so long and hearing that they are release new two switch models sound like a great new to me because I have been expecting late last year. But all the same it all good

  • I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Am a game lover, I love gaming. Nintendo has been one of my favorite gaming, I found Alot of interest playing Nintendo. I would love to wait for the release of this awesome game. hope the price is pocket friendly. thanks for the information, best regards 

  • I was wondering about the release date, But since Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed there’s a Nintendo Switch 2 in the works (the latest rumors appear sound but based on a report from The Wall Street Journal). Nintendo clearly has something to do with the switch 2, and I was wondering whether it will follow Sony and Microsoft in their footsteps, which launch hardware upgrades at strategic intervals to extend the current generation.

    • I’m pretty curious as well if Nintendo ever releases any official news on this. But given the company’s track record for surprising us every now and then with new hardware (2ds and new 2ds xl), it wouldn’t be crazy to say that they may just come out with a Switchy surprise.

  • Hello,

    I have heard about the speculations on the new Nintendo New Switch Model but I’ve not been able to hold a first class piece of information about the features, looks and design. Though I very well believe in the news and how well it’s going to enhance their relevance in the gaming industry. Thanks

  • Hi Mike, thanks for bringing the intended release of two new switch models from Nintendo to light. I can’t wait to see the new system in question. However, I don’t think there is any system that will be as powerful as PlayStation 4 Pro although there might be great features, PlayStation 4 Pro will still be the best in the nearest future.

    June is almost here, let’s keep our fingers crossed until the Electronic Entertainment Expo comes. Thanks for a wonderful update.