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Nintendo Announces the Switch Lite

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Nintendo pulled a fast one when it recently announced the new Nintendo Switch Lite, the latest addition to its gaming system line up. With the 3DS nearing the end of its rather long lifespan, the Switch Lite certainly looks set to takeover the company’s handheld division. But what exactly sets it apart from its bigger brethren? Let’s take a look.

From the name alone, the Switch Lite is a smaller version of the original Nintendo Switch, similar to what the Gameboy Pocket was to the Gameboy, or the 2DS compared to the 3DS. The system will feature a smaller 5.5 inch display, a step down from the 6.2 display of the original. Despite the smaller display it will still come with a 720p resolution.

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Since it is strictly meant to be a handheld console, the Switch Lite will not come with detachable Joy Cons, although the left control layout will feature a D-Pad as opposed to the circular face buttons on the original. It won’t be able to connect to a TV output dock either.

Additionally, games which rely on motion controls will not work with the Lite, as it lacks rumble and motion functions.

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We do know though that it will feature a somewhat improved chipset, meaning it will get a bit more battery life compared to the regular Switch.

The Switch Lite will be released in the US on September 20, 2019. Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I have been a Nintendo fan for decades. I used to play some of the early games that they put out for hours on end, and the same for my kids and then grandkids. The brand is a household name for us, and we still look when they come up with something new.

    This new Switch Lite device is something the latest grandkids will enjoy I think, so I have something for the Christmas season coming already. Of course, we have to hope there are no delays in the launch, as has happened with other brands announcing new products lately.

    It has some limitations in features, but it will suffice for the kids, as they are 5 years old and will not know the difference. They will like the smaller footprint and it will feel just right in their little hands. I think this will be a winner just as it is, and look forward to seeing it launched. Thanks for the heads up on this one! The Nintendo Switch Lite will be perfect for my Christmas gifts to the grandkids!