Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds: Very Affordable!

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Today we have here with us the Mi True Wireless Earbuds. Now these are of course from Xiaomi and they are a very affordable pair of wireless earbuds priced at just around 20 to 25 bucks. And while that is certainly a low price for a pair of wireless earphones, we have to ask – are these things actually worth your money?

So today we’re gonna do a quick video and look at what the Xiaomi Wireless Earbuds have to offer. Are these things worthy of the phrase “bang for your buck” or should you just look at a different brand?

Design and Features

So looking at the earbuds the first thing you will notice is the very minimalist design. In fact, I am a big fan of how plain the earbuds look. The only issue I have however, is that this design is not very unique, there are in fact a couple of other brands out there that use a very similar design, but other than that the plain design looks nicely done.

They are coated in a matte plastic finish all over and they fit real snug into your ears. The buds also come with a couple of extra tips so you can swap them out for more comfort and a better fit. They’re fairly easy to connect to your phone, and you won’t have trouble pairing them to Android and iOS devices.

As for controls the Mi Wireless Earbuds do come with a single button on each earpiece, which lets you pause or play tracks with one press or activate the Google assistant with a double press. One issue I have however is that it can be uncomfortable pressing these while they are in your ear as you do have to press quite hard on the button.

Carrying Case

Now the earbuds come with a carrying case that also serves as a magnetic charging dock. The case itself looks quite sleek and comes with the same matte aesthetic design, and this in turn charges the earbuds when not in use.

The earbuds can last you between three to four hours on a single charge, and you can charge them up to three times with the case. In turn, the case itself takes about an hour to fully charge via micro USB, at least from my experience.

Sound Quality

So the biggest question here is… how do the Mi Wireless Earbuds sound? Now to be honest I am not an audiophile. I’m not the most hardcore sound quality expert out there, but I do know my preferences for good audio quality, particularly when it comes to listening to music.

Like many others out there I enjoy a good bass sound, most often when listening to rock and heavy metal tracks. And for a pair of 7.2mm drivers, the Mi Wireless Earbuds offer decent sound quality. Of course for twenty bucks you won’t get a pure, solid, rich bass sound, but it still sounds impressive compared to a lot of cheap earphones you can buy on the market right now.

Mids and highs sound relatively well, and for the low price there’s not much to complain about.

As for external noise cancelling, there’s no fancy tech or features here which cancel out noise from the outside, other than the smart DSP noise reduction system the Xiaomi advertises on these buds. However, the earbuds still do a great job of making sure that you only hear the music you want to hear – in fact I have to keep my eyes open whenever I wear the earbuds in an active environment, as

I don’t really hear much of the outside world when I put these on. They can get quite loud even when not at the maximum volume.

Some Cons

There’s a bit of lag though when watching videos or playing games. While not a total deal-breaker for me, it is pretty obvious in most situations when using the earbuds. Another downside is that when using the earbuds during phone calls, people on the other end of the line did comment that they couldn’t hear me very well, so do take that into consideration.

The Bottom Line

So, are the Mi Wireless Earbuds worth the affordable price tag? Well, plastic build quality and slight lag aside, these earbuds get a lot of things right for twenty bucks. They have good audio quality and look decent as well, so if you’re willing to invest in a pair of affordable earbuds with good quality, then you might wanna grab a pair of these.

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