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Protect your Nintendo Switch When Travelling: 5 Products to Consider

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For many who purchased the Nintendo Switch, the option to play console-quality games in the palm of your hand and on-the-go is now a possibility, thanks to its hybrid home-handheld feature. But as with any electronic device these days, protection from the hazards of everyday life is a must, especially when these gadgets come at a premium price.

If you take your Switch with you a lot, you might want to check out this list of cases that we believe can help preserve the longevity of your Nintendo system. Do note that these cases come in different colors for more variety.

Mumba Slimfit Case 


The Mumba Slimfit Case functions like a lot of smartphone cases. It has a combination of polycarbonate and TPU which work hand in hand to protect your system from scratches, bumps, scuffs and accidental falls. The TPU bumpers on the case also ensure that your Switch won’t slide off when you put it down on a surface. And it’s not that thick, so your device should still be able to fit in a bag when you carry it around.

Amazon Basics Vault Case  


The Amazon Basics Vault Case is more of a carrying case, rather than one that clips onto your Switch. The case’s outer shell features a somewhat rugged design with a soft inner layer to cushion your system. It also comes with extra space to store up to eight game cards, making this perfect for long trips or vacations. The case also has a locking mechanism to make sure it doesn’t swing open accidentally.

Mumba Carrying Case  


The Mumba Deluxe Case also functions as more of a travel case, but with an extra room not only for games but for other accessories as well. If you’re wondering how much you can fit in, the manufacturer says that there’s enough space for game cards, Joy-Cons, Joy-Con straps, headphones, an AC adapter – you name it. The case is also multi-layered to protect your Switch from external moisture.

MEO Nintendo Switch Case  


Similar to the Mumba Slim fit, the MEO Nintendo Switch case attaches directly on your switch to protect its build from scratches, scuffs, and bumps. It is made from TPU material and has a slim profile for easy carrying. There are also added grips on the sides to make prolonged gaming sessions easier on your hands.

HORI Tough Pouch 



Officially licensed by Nintendo, HORI’s Tough Pouch is another carrying case for the Switch, which features a hardened exterior layer combined with soft padding on the inside to protect your console. It is quite slim for a carrying case and features a sleek, minimalist profile. You can also carry additional game cards in the case.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this list can give help you in choosing the best way to protect your Switch for the times when it’s out and about with you. After all, it is a unique device with limitless possibilities for fun gameplay. We hope you’ll check out our other accessory features soon!  

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Mike Viray

A writer with a fondness for consumer tech, Mike is also a music lover, and an avid gamer as well. He and his wife are big fans of Mario Kart.


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  • Very informative review of these protective cases. I know plenty of friends and family who now have a Switch and could probably use one.

    A lot of guys always played them on the previous Naval vessel I was on, and they cherished those things. Haha. After all, it was one of few forms of entertainment that they had available to them.

    All the cases look real sleek too. Would make great gift items

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tobin.

      Well in this day and age a lot of us spend time playing on the go, which usually means sneaking gaming sessions whenever/wherever we can – this occasionally means bringing our devices to environments which may not really be tech-friendly (outdoors, public transport, rugged terrain) I believe protecting one’s electronic investment is a must, haha. Also you grow attached to the console.

      We based our case selection on functionality, branding and looks, so you really can’t go wrong with either of these cases.

  • I still remember the days of the very first Nintendo Gameboy with Tetris. That was an awesome time!

    But today, it’s crazy to see how Nintendo has evolved, especially with its new switch handheld gaming device, which looks amazing!

    I have been looking at buying one with a case to go with it, since I can be quite clumsy when it comes to gadgets, especially smartphones lol.

    But with so many cases on the market, it’s difficult to choose a good one.

    So I appreciate the 5 cases you’ve shared. I think to begin with, the Mumba slim fit case sounds great. And when my games collection builds up, I like the look of the Mumba carrying case.

    The prices are also reasonable, which is always a bonus in my book.


    • Hi Neil, thanks for stopping by!

      Nintendo has come a long way and the Switch is mind-blowing when you think of the hardware limitations they had with the Gameboy, which nonetheless proved to be popular and successful.

      There are tons of cases out there but we rounded up 5 which we think stand out due to quality, function, and brand recognition. Good luck on that game collection!

  • I really like the Mumba slim fit case, It looks great. works great and comes at a great price. It is really slim and fits everywhere. The Amazon Vault case looks more like a carrying bag than anything else and does not fit my taste. I’m thinking though of buying the Mumba Carrying Case for extra protection. Nice post, thanks for the awesome information.

    • Thanks for reading, John!

      A lot of cases for the Switch are either carrying cases or those that attach directly to the device, so we tried to give as much variety as we could to the list. The Mumba products are great as they offer good protection while maintaining a rugged look.

  • Some excellent information there, thank you.

    I know all too well the tragedy of not having a protective case. Let’s just a lot of money went down the drown when the PSP was released. 🙁

    The MUMBA carrying case is perfect for my Switch.I love how there is room for everything in one compact case as well as offering protetcion from moisture. It wouldbe perfect if it had some built in shock absorbtion.

    Will pick one up soon.


    • Hi Michael, thank you for checking out our articles!

      I dread that sound of pain when a beloved gadget – especially a gaming system – hits the ground. We can only do so much holding with our hands until it finally slips and breaks free from our grasp. That’s why I think protective cases are a must.

      I myself have the Hori hard pouch, as I prefer a sleeker-looking case and don’t have that many Switch accessories yet. But the Mumba’s outer design certainly is something.

      Thanks again for reading!

  • Hey Mike,
    I definitely agree, it is nowadays a must to protect every electronic device we purchase. Many of my friend had to pay hundreds of dollars for new phones or tablets because they were never careful with these fragile devices! Your products all seem perfect to protect the nintendo switch!
    Keep up the good work

    • Thanks for commenting!

      Yeah, as electronics such as phones and game systems become more advanced, there’s this need to keep them safe as they’re not that cheap nowadays. One drop could spell disaster for our tech, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception.