Nyko Wireless Core Controller: One of the Best Switch Controllers!

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The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a unique gaming system because it gives you a variety of gaming options. In terms of gaming, the ability to use the Joycons as a single controller or as separate controllers while the device is turned off is quite significant. If you’re like the majority of gamers, you might want a more traditional controller configuration, like the one seen on the Xbox or PlayStation. Having said that, you might want to spend money on a third-party controller like the one we have here or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

We’re going to do a quick review in case you’re thinking about purchasing one, and we’ll give you a brief rundown of the Nyko Core Controller. Please allow us to begin.

Packaging and Design

The Nyko Wireless Core controller costs just around 20-30 bucks, and it comes in a nicely packaged box. You get the controller along with a charging cable and some paperwork. The controller itself feels nice in the hand – it comes in a nice matte black paint job, but you can also get it in other colors.

It’s not too heavy or bulky either, and personally, I find that it fits just right in my large hands, and is pretty comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

Compared to the Joycons, the Nyko controller retains a more traditional form factor and button layout, similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller or the Xbox controller. It features all the same buttons you get on the console, and this includes the home and screenshot buttons. There’s also an additional turbo button, but I haven’t really needed to use it yet.

The buttons have a nice feel to them and are just the right balance between clicky and mushy. The analog sticks likewise feel sturdy and glide smoothly in any direction you need them to.

Connectivity & Performance

Connecting the Nyko controller is pretty simple – just navigate to the “change grip/controller” menu on the Switch, and activate the controller’s wireless function by holding down the Home and Y buttons. It doesn’t take long for the Switch to connect to the controller, and once you’ve paired both devices, everything else is smooth sailing. The controller was able to last me several hours without needing to constantly charge the battery, and there’s barely any input lag, at least from my experience.

If the battery does need to be charged, however, it is nice to know that the controller charges through a USB Type-C port. This is a nice addition, given that a lot of modern devices are now transitioning to USB Type-C as the new connection standard.

Key Features 

Wireless Connectivity. (1) Bluetooth Compatibility – Offers reliable Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless gaming experience; (2) Easy Pairing – Simple pairing process with the Nintendo Switch for quick setup.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery. (1) Long Battery Life – Provides 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge; (2) Quick Charging – Charges quickly, reducing downtime between gaming sessions.

 Compatibility. (1) Nintendo Switch Compatibility –  Works with both the original Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite;  (2) Versatile Use – Compatible with most Nintendo Switch games, providing a broad gaming experience.

Aesthetic Variety.   Multiple Colors and Styles – Available in various colors and styles to suit personal preferences and aesthetics.

Extra Features. (1) Motion Controls – Supports motion controls, making it compatible with games that utilize this feature. (2) Vibration Feedback – Equipped with vibration feedback for an immersive gaming experience.


Affordable Pricing.  Priced lower than the official Nintendo Pro Controller, offering a budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing essential features.

 Ergonomic Design. The ergonomic design and textured grips of the controller provide a comfortable and secure feel, even during long gaming sessions. The intuitive layout of the buttons and joystick placement also mimics the official Nintendo controller for easy adaptation.

Performance and Responsiveness. Buttons offer good feedback and responsiveness for accurate control.  Joysticks are designed for precise and smooth control, suitable for various game genres.

 Customizable buttons. With programmable buttons and various aesthetic options, users can personalize their gaming experience.


 Initial Connectivity Issues. Some users have reported occasional difficulties when initially connecting the controller to their devices. While these issues are typically resolved through troubleshooting, they can be frustrating for those expecting a seamless setup.

Limited Advanced Features.  While the Nyko Wireless Core Controller excels in comfort and basic functionality, it may lack some advanced features found in higher-end controllers, such as customizable buttons, paddles, or vibration feedback settings.

Build Quality Concerns. A few users have noted concerns about the controller’s build quality, particularly regarding the durability of the analog sticks and triggers over prolonged use. These concerns may affect its long-term reliability for some players

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Difference between Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Nyko Wireless Core Controller

Several important distinctions between the Nyko Wireless Core Controller and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller become clear. First off, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is well known for its sturdy construction, excellent analog sticks, and sensitive buttons. Along with these sophisticated features are motion controls, HD rumble, and an integrated NFC reader for Amiibo compatibility. For games that use these technologies in particular, these improvements make gaming more immersive.

Conversely, the Nyko Wireless Core Controller provides a more affordable choice while nevertheless retaining necessary gaming features. With its dependable Wi-Fi connection and cozy ergonomic form, it’s a good substitute for people who value economy of expense. For some players, though, the absence of some of the sophisticated capabilities available in the Pro Controller—like the HD rumble—may lessen the whole gaming experience.

The Bottom Line

Is it worth your money to get the Nyko Wireless Core Controller? I think the controller is reasonably priced, has a good, strong design, and makes for a fun gaming experience.  It also offers a compelling combination of affordability, functionality, and comfort. The Nyko controller is a worthwhile option if you’re looking for a third-party controller for your Nintendo Switch. While it may lack some of the advanced features found in the official Pro Controller, it remains a solid choice for gamers looking for a budget-friendly option.


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs) 

Is the Nyko Wireless Core Controller compatible with all Nintendo Switch games?

Yes, the controller is compatible with most Nintendo Switch games, providing a versatile gaming experience.

How do I pair the Nyko Wireless Core Controller with my Nintendo Switch?

Hold down the sync button on the controller and navigate to the controller settings on your Switch to complete the pairing process.

Can I use the Nyko Wireless Core Controller with the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Yes, the controller is compatible with both the original Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite.

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  • I’m not sure if this would work with an Xbox, sadly I haven’t had the chance to test it. I doubt it will though, as its functions seem tailored for use with the Switch.

  • So far it’s been very durable, of course I don’t go out of my way to do a drop test, but with frequent daily use it has held up well.