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Microsoft Surface Duo: The Best Foldable Phone Yet?

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Recently, Microsoft unveiled its newest line of Surface Products – all of which were impressive, but one little device did stand out: the Microsoft Surface Duo. When Microsoft’s Panos Panay held up the device, it seemed to confirm the dozens of leaks and rumors we’ve seen in the past.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Now personally we are very excited for this device, but what actually makes it interesting or unique? Let’s take a quick look at what we know.

Build and Display

Of course one of the biggest features of the Surface Duo is the folding design. While it may be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Microsoft has taken a different approach by using two 5.6-inch displays which you can fold inward and outward, and will respond to stylus input.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

From Microsoft’s video presentation it’s pretty obvious that the device is geared towards productivity, multi tasking, but at the same time can handle games.

This is pretty impressive because you do get a portable device which can unfold into a larger display to accommodate such uses. And honestly, I’m more hyped up for this one compared to the Galaxy Fold, both from a functional and design standpoint.

We also know that the Surface Duo will come with call and messaging features, which brings back memories of Microsoft’s ill-fated Windows phone devices.

Microsoft + Google

Unlike Windows Phone though, the Surface Duo will be powered by Android. Microsoft has announced that they will be working with Google to optimize the software features on this device. This does sound promising as Microsoft has been improving their apps and services on Android in the past few years. YOu can easily find a complete suite of Microsoft apps on the Google Playstore, including the MS Office apps.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

The version of Android on the Surface Duo will come with Google Play services, which let’s face it – is a big part of Android as a whole.

What About the Specs?

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t reveal too much info on the Surface Duo’s internal specs. We do know however that the current prototype is running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, but we could still hope for an upgrade.

As for the camera, we can only hope that Microsoft equips this with a shooter comparable to that of the iPhone or even the Pixel. Time will tell though as the Surface Duo won’t be launching anytime soon. We’ll see an official launch in 2020 at around Holiday season.

Final Thoughts

In closing, I’m really excited for the Surface Duo. It signals Microsoft’s return of sorts to the mobile landscape, and also gives an interesting look at how mobile devices can continue to improve.

Hopefully we get more info on the Surface Duo in the coming months. For now we’ll have to wait patiently. If you’re really looking to purchase a Microsoft Surface device though, we recommend reading our review.

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  • Hi Mike. I’m really interested in the new Microsoft Surface Duo folding phone as well. Looks pretty cool since I think combining smartphones and tablets into one device is where we are basically headed for the average person’s needs. Of course larger tablets will stick around for people who need them for work (or simply prefer a larger screen). Now, what about play video games on the Surface Duo? I’m wondering if that crease down the middle will be distracting and mess up continuity while playing games? What do you think? Thanks.

    • Thanks for commenting!

      Personally, I’d still rather use one half of the screen folded for gaming, and use the entire dual-screen set up for productivity. 

  • I, like you, am pretty excited about the phone, but I want to learn more about the specs before making any kind of commitment.  I am actually a fan of Windows phones, but I do prefer Android system.  All I ever buy are Galaxy phones, and once bought a Windows phone.  I have not had a Microsoft Surface device before though, I’ve really been considering it when I search for a new computer.

    • The surface series device are pretty reliable, I’d like to see how a mobile version does! I also use Galaxy phones for the most part.

  • This phone looks absolutely brilliant, I really do need a new phone, but I have been trying to make my mind up which to choose, because there are so many different phones out there, one of my main concerns is fragility or in other words how easy does the screen break if you happen to drop them, well with this phone the glass face is automatically protected when the phone is folded back together, so yes I really do like the look of this phone, thanks for this post.