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The Kindle Paperwhite – A Timeless Classic

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As far as EBook readers go, the Kindle line of devices has always given a value-for-price performance, and over the years the brand has built a loyal fanbase. With the release of multiple Kindle models, you have to appreciate the fact that these devices have offered a great way to enjoy your digital literature.

One such device is the Kindle Paperwhite, which has been a go-to EBook reader for many. But as other devices like smartphones and tablets have taken over, should you still get one? We think that you should – here’s why.

Build and Display

The Kindle Paperwhite comes in either black or white, and features a matte-look finish on the whole device, with the Amazon logo on the back, and charging port on the bottom. It has quite a slim profile, making it easy to handle. It features a 6-inch screen with a display that has a pixel density of 300ppi, and the screen is backlit to ensure that you can read whenever, wherever. Text appears crisp, and the screen barely causes any eyestrain, which is great for long periods of binge-reading.


LIKES: Handy device.  Perfect for reading.  Glare-free screen. Long battery life.

The front of the device is void of any buttons, so all input and navigation are done through the touchscreen. Do note that the screen only displays your media in black and white – this is for EBooks, after all. The Paperwhite easily fits in your hand, making it easy to hold for reading sessions.

Battery and Software

The Paperwhite has enough battery to last you a month and a half at most, and for a reading device, this is perfect. Take note, however, as the device is closely tied to Amazon’s services, meaning all your books and software will come from Amazon. But this shouldn’t be a major issue, as the device is optimized to work with Amazon’s ecosystem and does so flawlessly.

DISLIKE: Lack of customer support.

The Paperwhite also comes with 2 gigabytes of storage, which is more than enough to hold hundreds to thousands of your Ebooks. It is also WiFi enabled, giving it an edge over competing products.

The Bottom Line

The Kindle Paperwhite continues to show that the brand is here to stay, and serves as an affordable and reliable EBook reader. The affordable price combined with the compact size and delightful display makes for one solid device.

If you’re after a handy device that lets you focus on your literature without any distractions from notifications, calls or social media, then the Kindle Paperwhite is an EBook reader very much worth buying.

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  • I bought my wife a Paperwhite about 5 years ago and it’s still going strong. It works so well that I am really thinking about buying one for myself. These have been around for a long time and seem to have really become the leader in the e-reader industry. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me since it is an Amazon product. Do you know kind of warranty is included? Also, do you anticipate a Black Friday sale?