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Castlevania Lives on – in Your Phone, at Least

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Konami’s Castlevania video game series has certainly gone through a lot. The vampire-killing game franchise first found its way on classic game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System and SNES, merging platform-adventure gameplay with a rage-inducing level of difficulty. Eventually, the series made its way onto other systems with games like the groundbreaking “Symphony of the Night” on PlayStation, and several memorable titles on subsequent consoles and Nintendo’s line of Gameboy and DS handhelds.

After a more action-oriented reboot however, the series has all but laid low for the past few years. The departure of Koji Igarashi from Konami hasn’t helped the situation either – the veteran game developer is credited by many to be a key figure in the development and overall modern legacy of the series.

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Which then brings us to “Grimoire of Souls” – a new Castlevania title from Konami. Announced at Tokyo Game Show 2019, the game will let you play as several Castlevania protagonists, and will feature the action-platforming gameplay the franchise is known for. There’s a catch though – the game is exclusive to mobile devices (for the moment, at least). Aside from a single-player mode, GoS will also feature a multiplayer mode similar to 2010’s “Harmony of Despair”.

There’s still no word on a release date, however. If you’re looking to scratch that Castlevania itch, you might want to take a look at “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night”, considered by many to be a spiritual successor to the CV franchise and helmed by no less than Igarashi himself. (Bloodstained is out now for PS4, Switch, and Xbox).

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  • Hi Mike! In my book, Koji Igarashi’s departure from Konami has directly impacted the series. I personally follow Koji Igarashi’s work and I found it interesting that he left Konami back in 2014 and become the co-founder of Artplay. I feel “Grimoire of Souls” will just be ok, but my opinion might be biased because of my admiration towards Igarashi’s work.

  • My son is a big time gamer! He will be happy to hear about Castlevania  being available for Xbox. Can you tell me when “Grimoire of Souls” be available for Xbox? 

    I will also inform him of this website. I am sure he will be pleased with the information you provide here on gaming!

  • I’m not fond of gameplay and I don’t really appreciate computer stations offering this kind of venture. 

    However, I would like to know the story of this Castlevania because there are protagonists and I’m sure there is violence. What positive message will it give to the gamers? Will it not suck time from them especially children who are avid gameplayers?

  • Mobile game industry has grown so much in the past few years. I remember playing Castlevania years ago in my home console, though I forgot the title. I’m curious, is “Grimoire of Souls” a freemium game like so many mobile games out there? Talking about TGS, this year’s event doesn’t seem to give out many news 🙁 It’s quite ‘silent’ in all of my social media timeline, as if there isn’t big gaming event haha.