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Best Budget Nintendo Switch Controllers

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Game controllers – a lot of the time, they define how we play our games. And over the years, console manufacturers have each honed their own version of the “perfect” controller. Whether it be Sony’s Dualshock brand or the unique and undeniably comfortable design of the Xbox controller, game pads have been designed to let us play our games more comfortably and accurately, with the precision and handling needed to enjoy the games we love.

Of course, Nintendo is no exception to this matter. The Nintendo switch comes with a unique take on what makes a controller, offering up a pair of compact gamepads which the company brands as “Joy Cons”. However, some of us do prefer our controllers in a certain style and shape, which now brings us to this list.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Switch gaming experience, we recommend that you check out these nifty little controllers. Let’s get started!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Of course, we start with the official Pro Controller from Nintendo. As the Switch only comes bundled with the basic Joy Cons, you do have to shell out a bit more for the Pro Controller, although it won’t exactly break your bank either.

Since the controller’s Nintendo-branded, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t get any compatibility issues when connecting it to your console.

The Pro Controller features a nice, minimalist design, and a more traditional D-Pad for better handling. It also comes with motion controls which are supported in games such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, HD rumble for that sweet in-game vibration, as well as built-in Amiibo functionality, so this will be able to scan any Amiibo collectibles you have on hand.

The battery can also last you around 30-40 hours of gameplay.

Nyko Wireless Core Controller

Nyko has been known to make good-quality accessories for Nintendo systems, and the Nyko Wireless Core Controller adds up to that reputation.

The controller comes in different colors, and generally keeps the same button layout you’d see on any modern game controller, such as the Xbox One controller and even Nintendo’s own Pro Controller.

It does come with an additional turbo button, which makes it great for retro games.

Like the Nintendo Pro Con, the Nyko Core can be charged through USB-C and likewise supports motion controls, and even has a rumble feature.

At a price less than half of the Nintendo Pro Controller, the Nyko Wireless Core Controller is certainly a steal.

8bitdo N30 Pro 2

While a lot of modern video game controllers these days look alike, the 8bitdo N30 2 looks unique as 8bitdo has designed nearly all of its controller to resemble classic Nintendo controllers.

The N30 stands out due to its compact size, while still offering a lot of what makes a Pro Controller, well, a Pro Controller.

The N30 can connect effortlessly to the Switch, and also comes with connectivity options for PC and Android. The gamepad features a full suite of buttons, clickable analog sticks, and even a groovy light display to let you know whether it’s connected, charging and such.

One thing to note though is that the trigger buttons are designed to go around the edges of the gamepad, an interesting design choice compared to the usual trigger button layout seen on larger controllers.

If you’re after something smaller and more pocket-friendly, the 8bitdo N30 2 is the controller to get.

PowerA Wireless Controller – Gamecube Style

The Nintendo Gamecube was originally launched in the early 2000s, and featured a uniquely-designed controller, which came in handy for games such as Super Smash Bros.

If you’re after that kind of handling and design, then the Gamecube-styled PowerA wireless controller is probably for you.

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the controller supports Bluetooth connectivity for a completely wireless experience. Although we have to say that there are some downsides to the controller.

For one, it does not support Amiibo connectivity and strangely lacks a rumble feature.

You’ll also need a couple of AA batteries to power up this gamepad. But in terms of handling, design, and overall feel, you might want to check this one out.

HORIPAD Wired Controller

The only wired option on this list, the HORIPAD is also another Nintendo-licensed product and offers a nice design and great handling if you’re after such. Hori is no stranger to making Nintendo-licensed accessories and this gamepad is no exception.

The controller features the same layout as the other controllers on this list, but with one hidden functionality – the D-Pad on the lower left of the controller can be removed to reveal a more “traditional” Switch directional button layout underneath.

Sadly though, it lacks vibration feedback, motion controls, and Amiibo functionality.

But if you’re just after the basics and want a solid controller from a reliable brand, then this one might be right for you.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to play on the Switch, and sometimes the old-fashioned controller-TV screen setup is the way to go. We hope we were able to help you with this list, and we will be more than happy if you will check out the products we’ve featured on here.

Do you have your personal preferences? Let us know!

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  • Hey Mike. I loved the controllers you showcased in the article. I am in a need of one because my current one looks really used and old – mostly because it is all of that.

    I like all of them but the best looking to me is N30 Pro. I love the retro look. It feels so special playing with that classic controller. I am going to check it out right now.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks for commenting, Strahinja!

      I too, love the look of the N30 pro. Although personally, I’m using the Nyko Wireless Core as it’s pretty comfortable and not too large. I’ll definitely pick up the N30 pro in the future though.

  • Hello Mike.  It appears that you have a very successful website and your disclaimer says a lot.  You are directly affiliated with Amazon and that tells the audience up front how they may be redirected when clicking through.  As for the article, I found that it was engaging, informative and technical in nature with detail and facts.  I like that when shopping for something.  It was very informative and ‘m confident that the audience will appreciate at. Great site, great article.

  • Hello Mike. Great post. Your technical reviews are very informative and help better decide which way to go before any purchase. Thanks for the work.

  • My kids have been asking for a Nintendo switch since the beginning of the year. I had no idea Nintendo was trying to make a comeback. I would’ve had no idea what controllers make the most since for the gaming experience across the different games. My kids range from toddler to teenagers so I’m guessing that’s something else I’ll have to consider.

    • Hi Preston, glad you could drop by.

      Well, Nintendo has always stuck around, but this time they’ve really been making waves with the Switch. There’s games for any age group, so looking for games they’ll like won’t be a problem.