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A Quick Look at Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Devices

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Samsung is at it again.

For the past decade, the South Korean electronics giant has given the world its own take on Android technology, offering us amazing devices through its Galaxy S line of phones. The first Galaxy S device was a breakthrough smartphone, showing what Android was capable of during a time when the early generations of the iPhone reigned supreme.

The Galaxy S3 and S4 proved that the company can further refine its smartphone offerings, while the Galaxy S6 and S8 showcased an evolutionary step towards premium designs and hardware quality.

This year is no different – after the somewhat lackluster market performance of the Galaxy S9, Samsung once again ups the ante and has given us the Galaxy S10, its latest and greatest flagship device.

There are some new features, such as a larger all-screen design, the addition of a third rear camera lens, and the retention of the headphone jack. The Galaxy S10 comes in multiple variants though, and we’re here to give you a quick overview of each device.

Key Features and Design

Samsung has done well to retain the headphone jack, showing that the removal of such an integral part of a modern smartphone is nothing more than a trendy gimmick.

The new phones come in the familiar glass-metal sandwich design that Samsung has been using in its flagships since the Galaxy S6, and to provide a consistent look, despite the difference in size and camera modules.

Galaxy S10

Some things to note however that unlike the more expensive S10 models, the Galaxy S10e lacks an on-screen fingerprint scanner, meaning that you have to use the lock button on the right side of the phone as a scanner and heart-rate monitor.

(DISCLAIMER: While Samsung has released another variant called the Galaxy S10 5G, we did not include that in this list as it is a more limited model – fret not though, we’ll cover it in a separate article.)

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The most affordable of the bunch, the Galaxy S10e comes priced at $749, similar to the iPhone XR. It is an interesting device as it forgoes the curved display found in recent Samsung flagships, opting instead for a flat 5.8’’ screen.

Galaxy S10e

Similar to its bigger brothers, it comes in different processor variants – you either get the Snapdragon 855 or Samsung’s own Exynos 9820. It comes with up to 8GB of RAM, and 128/256GB of internal storage. Powering all this is a 3100 mAh battery, which is compatible with Wireless Power Share, a feature introduced by Samsung to enable wireless charging between phones.

It comes with a 12MP main camera and 16MP camera on the back, and a 10MP selfie camera on front. You may notice that the camera is cut directly into the screen – this is Samsung’s adopted way of getting rid of notches and bezels altogether, while still maintaining a front camera.

It lacks the third telephoto lens found on the bigger S10 models, but at this price, we can’t really complain.

Galaxy S10

The regular Galaxy S10 launches at $899, making it the regular model of the lineup. It comes with a curved 6.1’’ display, 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. It comes in the same chipset variations offered on the other S10 devices and a larger 3,400 mAh battery.

As far as cameras go, the S10 comes with four. In addition to the three cameras already found on the S10e, it adds a 12MP telephoto lens and retains the punch-hole selfie camera set-up on the front.

Galaxy S10+

The third model on this list, the S10+ retains the core features of the other models and adds a few tricks of its own.

Galaxy S10 Plus

It gets an even beefier battery at 4100 mAh, and adds an 8MP front-facing selfie depth-module camera, resulting in a larger punch-hole camera on the front. It ups the RAM capacity to 12GB, alongside the internal storage which tops up at 1TB, similar to the Galaxy Note 9.

The Bottom Line

Samsung has finally dealt its hand for 2019 – we’ve seen before how the company can keep surprises up its sleeve, and this generation of flagship phones is certainly impressive (that is until the Galaxy Note 10 comes along). Will you be getting any of the models from this lineup? Hit us up in the comments below!

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  • Thanks for the update of the new Samsung S10 Smartphone Devices, they look good and seem to be a step forward from the S9s. The larger all-screen design and the addition of a third rear camera lens are good moves with this model, and I like also that you have some options in pricing with the different models.

    They sure look good too. I like the slimmer feel as compared to the Note series models, and in regards to performance, they are close (I have used both over the years).  Another thing I like is that the headphone jack is retained. Dumbest move ever to take that away from some brands (no names)…

    Great look at these new models of the Samsung line, I will likely get one of the models you have highlighted, just not sure which one. Good read…

  • Awesome! I have had Samsung for years and love the products they offer. I currently have the S8 and I’m very satisfied with it. When I upgrade I will stay with this brand, likely going to the S10

  • Wow! Thanks for the review to begin with. I was anticipating this product ever since I caught a news about the fact that Samsung is cooking something bigger for android users. I couldn’t expect less from the s10 because I currently own galaxy s9 and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the s10. Its very nice though considering the fact that it isn’t that much costly compared to an iPhone and to me, Samsung is the beat you can get from android OS. Is have saved up well and I would get the s10+ because of the Ram and the internal space. Even my PC doesn’t have that much of features.😜

    • I’m looking to upgrade soon as well! I’m using the S9 right now but the S10 certainly looks tempting.

  • This is a simple and easy to follow rundown of high quality future tech phones that we have got over the past few years. I would probably go with the galaxy S10+ if I ever got to that level of income which I hope to soon. What is your favorite phone from the galaxy phone line and do you think it is worth it to get a galaxy phone?

    • I’d have to say it’s a tie between the S9 I’m using right now and the S4. They’re pretty great devices. It’s worth getting a Galaxy phone as long as you get their upper-tier and flagship phones.

  • Thanks for writing thia review on Samsung new galaxy s10 device.i find this article so educative and informative,it is a know fact that over the year Samsung phones has been one of the best phone and hardly in in country you will not see numerous Samsung phone users. Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Devices is really an amazing device with all I read in this article and I don’t expect less from a company that has been in the game for long. Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Devices is just another step in advance technology in phone making. Am sure the after this Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Devices the next Samsung is going to be with more feature and maybe cheaper 

  • Every year, Samsung kicks off the market will extraordinary products by showcasing there talent in the accessories world, one of the best model I love is the Galaxy S10+ . What I love most about it is the shining fingerprint magnet. I have a question and I will appreciate if I can get a response from you ,What if an aftermarket tempered glass is applied as a screen protector (and not the original Samsung screen protector which I’m guessing is not glass), does it affect the in display fingerprint sensor.?

    Thanks as I await your reply.

    • hello, thanks for dropping by. It actually depends on the brand. The company Whitestone claims their screen protector is fully compatible with the onboard display sensor.

  • This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. Its only possible to have good result when all factors are put into consideration. I am a fan of samsung product and am pretty sure this will also be a top notch in the market. Thanks for the eye opener