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Should You Get the PlayStation Classic?

Let’s face it – as advanced as new video games and consoles are today, there will always be gamers (including yours truly) who will still be fans of older...


The Best Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo’s Switch video game system has continued to make waves worldwide, ushering in the same kind of success that we saw with their previous gaming consoles...


HMD Global Launches Nokia 106 Feature Phone

Before the modern age of smartphones, there was a time when basic feature phones ruled the world. And at the top of this kingdom was Nokia, whose legacy as a...


The First-Generation iPad: A 2018 Revisit

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Apple has certainly played a big role in the development of consumer technology and where it is today. One good example of this is their...


5 of the Best 3DS Games of 2018

In the midst of going all-out with hardware and software support for the Switch, Nintendo still proves that it cares just as much for its older 3DS handheld...

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