About Us

With the advent of modern leaps in technology, consumer electronics and the like have certainly seen some impressive advancements over the years. Time and time again we are subjected to an exciting onslaught of new devices and software, designed for our daily use. Other than using them though, there is also much more to learn about these mechanisms.

What we are about

We are a team with a passion for technology, for the things that go “beep”, the gadgets and electronics that make our work easier or just downright give us fun and entertainment. We aim to write about these devices and give simple and easy-to-digest information to our audience. Whether it be the latest smartphones, laptops, or gaming devices, we want our reviews and content to be straightforward and simplified.

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If you have any concerns or queries regarding this site, we can get in touch at del@detechtors.com | delroaustria@gmail.com